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Posted by Ben Woodworth on

The light bulb went off above my head. Trying to think back 35 years of what jazzed me the most about the printing business I came to the conclusion that the only thing I like more than making things and getting my hands 'dirty' in the process is working with other small manufactures/entrepreneurs. The microbrewery business has exploded. Since we started that many years ago we have helped brewers grow by helping them out with what they need in the manufacturing process. In the keg filling business that turn-around with time is critical. Besides everything else that happens to that keg when it comes back to the plant, it needs to be labeled properly to go back out. By working directly with these production brewing employees we have gained trust of the owners. That trust is valuable to us. Repeat business and good business relationships are only as good as the last order delivered right, and right on time at a fair price. Back in the 90's we had dozens of part-timers that handled everything in the back of our plant. That has all changed with automation and beyond lean and mean thinking of our present day. Today, the same person that takes your order is going to be producing it. That same person may be packaging and shipping it. Nothing is lost in translation. My team is small and powerful. With four people we produce more than 20 million impressions of print a year. From keg tags to display advertising we love the new world and the opportunities to meet the newest entrepreneurs on the scene.

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